Tracfone and Net10 are two of the largest Prepaid phone providers in the US.  They are actually the same company but they have different pricing strategies.  Here is a simple comparison.

Tracfone Advantages

  • The Phones can be very inexpensive
  • You can call Mexico for the same price as calling in the US.
  • DMFL card will double all minute cards you put on your phone.
  • If you buy the 1500 minute card for $200 and you have DMFL you will get 3000 minutes for $200 or 6.6 cents a minute.
  • You can spend as little as $6.67 per month to keep your phone active.

Net 10 Advantages

  • The Phones always come with 300 minutes and two months service on activation
  • The minutes are always 10 cents or less.
  • The phones are very inexpensive (or Free) when you account for the 300 minutes you get on activation.
  • Their phones will roam without having to pay extra.
  • The top of the line phones from Net10 are cheaper than Tracfone.
  • The top of the line Net10 phones are nicer than Tracfones.
  • Remember to subtract $35 from the price of a Net10 phone to compensate for the 300 minutes included with the phone.

Tracfone Disadvantages

  • The minutes can be very expensive if you buy $20 cards and do not have DMFL.
  • Minutes are more expensive with Tracfone unless you spend $80 for three months and you have DMFL on your phone.

Net 10 Disadvantages

  • You will spend at least $15 a month to keep your phone active.

Summary Tracfone vs Net10 Prepaid Cell Phones

If you only use your phone for emergencies then Tracfone is the best deal at $6.66 per month including 20 to 40 minutes per month.

If you will use your phone more than 30 minutes a month then you are probably better off with a Net10 phone at $15 a month including 150 minutes per month.

If you want to buy your minutes in $30 chunks Net10 is a better deal.

If you purchase minutes in $200 chunks you will get more minutes per dollar with Tracfone.

My Summary Opinion

Buy the Net10 phone because they are very simple and even at $15 a month it is really cheap to own and use. If you know that the user will almost never use the phone Tracfone is cheaper to keep active.

The first Net10 Purchase Discount Code is 34567 and will save you $3 on any 19.99 or larger Phone purchase.

When Buying a Tracfone or Net 10 Phone

If you are comparing prices remember that Net 10 phones come with 300 minutes so subtract $35 from the price of the Net10 phone to compare prices.

Adding Tracfone and Net 10 Minutes

It is really easy to add either Tracfone or Net10 minutes online.  There are often purchase codes or discount codes from Tracfone  Bonus Codes.

The Tracfone Purchase code is 23444 and will get you $3 off any $19.99 or larger phone purchase.

I have found this link to Net10 Purchase discount Codes.