Straight Talk Wireless vs Tracfone Prepaid
These two Prepaid cell companies have significantly different pricing. Tracfone is both a very inexpensive monthly service and an inexpensive pay up front yearly service.

Straight Talk is a Very Low Cost Unlimited service and a very high value $30 a month service . Straight Talk only has two options which you can change between on a monthly basis.

If you are spending $30 a month or more on your cell phone the best deal available is the Straight Talk “All You Need” plan that gives you 1,000 minutes and 1,000 texts, 30 meg of data and unlimited 411 calls.

If you are using more than 1,000 minutes a month the $45 Unlimited plan from Straight Talk is impossible to beat with a National Carrier (Verizon) providing the network.

Motorola Razr V3 and Samsung R451c Qwerty Phone from both Straight

Tracfone Plan Advantages

$20 phone card gives you three months of service time. You get 60/120 with double minutes 33.33/16.66 with doubler cents a minute and $6.33 per month.

$80 phone card gives you three months and 450/900 with double minutes 16.66/8.8 with doubler minutes and $26.66 per month.

$100 yearly phone card gives you 400/800 with double minutes and 12 months service $8.33 per month and 25/12.5 with doubler cents a minute.

$200 yearly phone card gives you 1500/3000-dmfl minutes and 12 months service $16.66 per month and 13.33/6.66-dmfl cents a minute.

Minutes and Activation time Roll-over with Tracfone. has a DMFL (double minutes for life) option you can purchase for your phone usually $25 or $50. This doubles your minutes on every card you put in your phone for the life of the phone. Many Tracfone Phones come with DMFL already installed on the phone. Never add minutes to a Non-DMFL Tracfone phone. The minutes are way too expensive.

Straight Talk Wireless vs Tracfone Prepaid Advantages
$30 a month plan gives you 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text messages, 30 megabite of data er month. No charge for 411 calls. 3.3 cents a minute not counting the text and data. Minutes do not roll over on this pay as you go system.

$45 Unlimited plan with Unlimited text and Unlimited data. No charge for 411 calls. There is no other Nationwide calling plan that comes close to matching this plan.

Nicer phones are available from Straight Talk than Tracfone. Although many of the same phones are available from both companies. Always figure the cost of adding in DMFL to your Tracfone when you are comparing prices.

All Straight Talk phones use the Verizon Network for making calls.

Summary The Plan I would Buy Depends on My Usage

I would choose the plan. I do not use a lot of minutes and my favorite plan is the $200 3,000 minute plan from Tracfone. My usage is all over the map, some months I don’t use more than a hundred minutes and some months I will use four or five hundred. I am almost always around a land line to talk on so my cell phone is more for messages. This changes my Straight Talk Wireless vs Tracfone Prepaid strategies.

If I used all of my 3,000 minutes in seven months it would be the same as me buying the $30 Straight Talk cards every month. Seven months at $30 equals $210. If I am able to stretch the 3,000 minute Tracfone plan for more than seven months I am getting cheaper cell phone service.

The magic number is 428 minutes a month. 3,000 minutes/ 7 months= 428 minutes per month. If you average over that you are better off spending the $30 a month for the Straight Talk Plan.

Summary Two of Straight Talk Vs Tracfone

If you are using just a few minutes a month Tracfone is great, you can keep your service active for less than $7 a month. If you use 400 minutes a month you can purchase the $200 1,500 minute card and get 3,000 minutes with DMFL. This will cost you less than $30 a month. If you use over 400 (428) minutes a month purchase the $30 a month 1,000 Straight Talk Plan or $45 a month unlimited plan.

Happy Calling

Get the Straight Talk Unlimited Plan for $45 or the $30 Monthly plan direct from Straight

So if you want the cheapest cell phone monthly and you use under 428 minutes a month Tracfone has you covered for less than $30 a month.

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