Where to Obtain a Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Cellular Phone

Straight Talk Phone phones are only available to be purchased in a couple of places. However you will only be able to find a free Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone via the internet at the Straight Talk Website . Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Cellphone are also available at almost every Wal-mart in the US. Even so I have never found a free Straight Talk Cell Phone at Wal-mart.

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The Only Option for Getting Free Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Mobile Phone

At the the Straight Talk Website Website you will be able to get a free phone with the purchase of a Prepaid Phone card. You can usually get a free phone when purchasing either the “All you need” plan or the “Unlimited” plan.

Free Straight Talk Phone Options

Often before certain Holidays like Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and the 4th of July Straight Talk will put several different phone and phone packages on sale. Usually they will offer a nicer than usual phone free with the purchase of a phone card. I have seen the LG 620G Slider Phone, , Samsung T404G Qwerty keyboard, Samsung R355c Qwerty Blackberry style, and the Samsung R451c Qwerty Keyboard cell phone offered as free phones with the purchase of a Straight Talk prepaid card.

Warning Concerning Reconditioned Cellular phones

In my experience there are a few more difficulties with reconditioned cell phones. Nonetheless I would not hesitate to purchase a reconditioned Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Mobile Phone, so long as I wasn’t having to pay in excess of about $30 for it. I would buy two refurbished phones at a time because I always like having a spare charger and a spare battery. Paying a little extra up front can sometimes save you a lot, .

Two Free Phones at the Same Time

I know that sounds funny purchasing a free Straight Talk Prepaid mobile phone but you must purchase a calling card in order to get a free phone. You can make use of the prepaid card that comes with your free phone on any Straight Talk phone.

There are lots of very good reasons for purchasing two phones at once. To begin with in case you are obtaining the phones for free or only being required to purchase another monthly card to obtain one, you aren’t out much . It is very helpful to have an extra phone charger to have at the office or to always keep in your travel bag. Additionally It is also handy to have a extra battery that is fully charged for your phone.

Another advantage to buying two free phones at the same time is in the event that the first phone you activate has a problem or is defective you will not have to wait for Straight Talk Wireless to mail you an additional phone. You will be able to just activate the spare you bought.

Obtaining a Spare Battery for your Phone

If you purchase two free phones at the same time you might find it really handy to have a spare battery for your phone. It seems when you seriously need to have a phone badly the battery will be dead. Furthermore after around a year of service many mobile phone batteries cannot hold a charge for as long .

How to get a Free Charger for your Phone

Again when you are getting a phone free when purchasing a monthly card from it is sensible to order two phones and monthly cards when you make your purchase.

Losing your Mobile Phone Charger

Have you ever lost your cell phone charger in a hotel room or at work and needed a spare? Having to stop by Radio Shack will most likely set you back twenty to thirty dollars .

The only option for getting a Free Straight Talk phone is at the Straight Talk.com website. Check what they have now.

How Straight Talk Prepaid Works


LG420G - Unlimited - Save BIG!

How Wal-mart Straight Talk Prepay Wireless Works

The Straight Talk Wireless Prepay plans are built to be competitive with contract mobile phone plans. A 2 year contract cellular plan will require you to sign a one year or two year long term contract to get service. Straight Talk Wireless is prepaid so that you pay for your service before you use it and if you use all your units or the time period expires you lose service. You will not get a end of contract fee and if you want to begin service again you will have to buy a Straight Talk phone card and reactivate your mobile phone.

Walmart Straight Talk is a partnership with Walmart, Tracfone prepay and Verizon. All phones are CDMA and work on the Verizon Wireless network.

Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid has two plans the $30 per month All You Need plan and the $45 monthly Unlimited plan.

All You Need Plan

This plan offers 1,000 minutes per 30 days, 1,000 texts per month and 30 meg of data transfer per thirty days. This Tracfone Straight Talk program will cost you $30 per month.

Unlimited Plan

This Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid plan serves up unlimited calling, unlimited texts and unlimited data transfer for $45 per thirty days.

You can invest in your Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Phone or service on the web at Straight Talk.com or at Walmart.