How do I download a picture from my Tracfone to my Computer?

You cannot download directly from your phone to your computer. You can set up an account at Photobucket. Photobucket will give you an address to sent your photo message to. Then send it.

I have gotten it to work but only sometimes. I think you can do it to Flicker and many of the other photo storage places online also.

Bluetooth Disconnect
The Bluetooth Tracfone and Net 10 phones will not send pictures by Bluetooth.  You will only be able to sync and use a headset with the Bluetooth Tracfones.  They will sync with some cars, and computers but you cannot dial out or transfer photos from the sync. I was really disappointed that Tracfone finally came out with Bluetooth but it does not allow you to sync your phone book with your computer or send photos directly.

Motorola W370 and Lg 225
Motorola W370 and Lg 225

USB Connection
Tracfone disables the USB connection from all of their phones so you cannot transfer from the phone to your computer.

Another option is to send the picture to a friend who has a phone with removable storage. Then download it from his phone or memory.  This will cost him to receive and you to send.  It does not cost anything to receive and store pictures at Photobucket.

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