Tracfone has just released a new yearly Minute deal.  You can purchase a $200 phone card and you will get 3,000 minutes and One year of service if you have DMFL.

Do not add this card to a phone without DMFL.  You will only get 1500 minutes without DMFL.

Do not buy a DMFL card, buy a new phone with DMFL for less than the DMFL card and get an updated phone also.

This deal is only available from the website

Bluetooth technology now available

If you like your Tracfone and do not use a lot of minutes this is the best deal on prepaid Cell Phone Minutes.

3,000 TracFone Minutes for $200

To some people $200 seems like a lot to spend on a prepaid phone but if you have a contract phone you are probably spending $50 a month and you spent at least $100 to open your account and get it started.

Advantages to buying 3000 Tracfone minutes.

  • You only pay 6.6 cents a minute
  • Your minute roll over if you do not use them
  • You will also get One Year of service time
  • If your usage is ranges from 100 to 600 minutes per month you do not need to pay for a 600 minute contract
  • If you only use your phone for part of the year
  • If one month you don’t use any minutes you won’t have to pay for service.
  • If you have a lot of minutes left over at the end of the year you can buy $20 cards to extend service for less than $7 a month.

3,000 TracFone Minutes for $200