Tracfone has a couple of good Prepaid Phone deals. The Best Tracfone Deals are now hiding in the “phone for sale” section.

Best Tracfone Deal #1

Finally some new Specials from Tracfone and they are some great deals.

The Best Tracfone Deal is the LG 225 with One Year Card for $99.95.  The phone is a solid phone with a VGA camera.   The phone includes DMFL which is important.  You will get 800 minutes with this phone when you add the one year card.  Use Bonus Code #12336 to get an extra 250 minutes.   This deal is only only available at

The Samsung T301G with the 60 minute phone card with accessory kit for $19.99 is also an excellent deal.  This phone last year was $79.99.

The TracFone Samusung Slider T301** was $79.95 as recently as September of 2009.   Thanksgiving Sale $29.95
This also comes with the accessory kit which includes a car charger and headset.

The T301 is the fanciest Tracfone, I do not like slider phones (many people do)  but this is a nice TracFone.

Tracfone W370 on the left and LG 225 Camera phone on the right.
TracFone W370 on the left and LG 225 Camera Phone on the right

Save $3 with Tracfone Purchase Discount Code
Tracfone has always had bonus codes for getting deals on minutes.  This is the first Purchase discount code I have seen.  Get $3 off on any phone or accessory  with coupon code 23444 at .  Often Tracfone codes will work after they are suppose to have expired.

** The LG 600, Motorola W376, and the Samsung T301 all come with DMFL.

Best Tracfone Deal #2

The Best Tracfone deal really is a Net10 phone deal.  Tracfone owns Net10.  Net 10 uses some of the same phones and the same network and has the same customer service as Tracfone.

  • LG 300

Right now you can get more minutes and service time for your money with this Net10 deal.

The Net10 most minutes and service for your money deal right now is the LG 300 with 300 minute card for $30.  You get 60 days and 300 minutes for activating and when you add the phone card you get another 60 days and 300 minutes.

This gives you 600 minutes and 120 days for only $30. That is 5 cents a minute, the best deal in prepaid celular.    Make sure you buy the one that comes with the phone card like the picture below.  I would buy two of the $30 Net10 deals while they are available.
Get $3 off on any Net10 phone with coupon code 34567

Tracfone and Net10 deals change all the time. Right now the best deal is at Net10.

Straight Talk is a new Division of Tracfone.  Check out the latest Straight Talk Frequently asked Questions.

What is the Best Net10/Tracfone Phone?

I really like the LG 600 from either Tracfone or Net10. If you buy it from Tracfone you will get an accessory kit with car charger.  If you buy it from Net10 you will get 300 free minutes.  I like the Net 10 LG 600 deal better.

The Most Features on a Prepaid Net 10 Phone

The phone with the most features is the new Net10 EM326G.

The best camera with 1.3 mega pixels and this is the first phone with removable memory slot (Micro SD).  You can play your Music with the included MP3 player.  This also means you will be able to transfer photos to your computer without sending them through a phone network for a 25 to 50 cent per picture charge.  Finally a camera, music player from Tracfone/Net10 that your kids will love to use and won’t cost a ton in sending pictures.

Where to Purchase Tracfone Minutes
I like to buy my minutes online and add the bonus codes from the same page. I Buy Tracfone Minutes and check for Bonus Coupons here.

Get free shipping at on orders of $35 or more.

Why I do not buy just a Phone

If you purchase a phone you will need to buy minutes also.  If you buy the package deal with the phone and the minutes together you will normally get the phone for free.  I have several spare phones.  I always buy a phone and minute package when I buy minutes.

My Spare Free Phones

Through the years I have bought several dozen phones.  I have given these extra phones to friends that were just visiting.  I have sold some of them on eBay.  It is handy to have a spare battery charged to pop in instead of charging my phone I will charge batteries on a spare phone.  I have a spare phone charger that I leave at work.